About Us

You must be tired of traditional car air fresheners!

We offer a solution for this!

We have tried and used many types of car air fresheners, but we never felt that this one did! – it’s perfect.

Based on this, we started our business 2 years ago.

We are used to smelling our favorite perfume on ourselves, making our days pleasant!

This led us to smell our favorite scent in our car too!

We created car perfumes with inspired scents!


Our product is easy to recognize because it is available in a small, unique diamond-shaped bottle with a wooden cap.

Marco Martely car air freshener is even different from other air fresheners in that it has a dual use.

You can put it on the rear-view mirror or you can clip it on the ventilation grill for a more intense scent!

Car freshener perfumes provide the fragrance for 35-45 days!

During production, we only work with quality-controlled fragrances, which we source from Italy!

If you want a delicious fragrance in your car quickly, use car perfume sprays!

The perfume fragrance in a unique, designer capsule. One or two puffs and the car smells good!

Refills are also available for our products, so we save money for our customers!

Our novelty is our natural scents, which are characterized by intensity and uniqueness!

From our 6-piece collection, Scorze di Limone, CitrusFresh & Green Tea, Verbena and Lemon, Dragon fruit, Toscana are already popular

In Hungary, Marco Martely car air fresheners are available at many gas stations, car cosmetics, car shops, and even beauty salons.

We regularly deliver our products to several European countries. E.g. Switzerland, Ireland, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Unique car freshener perfumes

Our products are becoming more and more popular among companies and businesses. They realized that they can provide their partners with a quality premium product at a very favorable price.

We design and manufacture individual logoed paper boxes and also engrave the logo into the wooden cap.

Feel free to contact us for an offer.

Our new product is perfume scents that can be dropped into the room humidifier. Just put a few drops in the container and it can create a pleasant perfume smell or a fresh smell in the room or office.

More and more of our customers and more and more famous people are starting to use Marco Martely car freshener perfumes. This confirms that we are on the right track and produce a good product!


Fragrances for you, always on the road with you!


Gy. Gábor Szabó